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Uniteds Response to COVID-19

United has been closely following the current situation surrounding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and how it is impacting our communities and the ways we operate our business. In the interest of mitigating potential risks of this pandemic and to ensure the continuity of our network, as well as keeping our customers’ and employees’ health in mind, United will begin making changes effective immediately to comply with current CDC and FCC recommendations, as well to comply with other guidelines provided by federal and state governmententities.

Effective immediately, United has suspended operations at the Dodge City Plaza location. Our stores at the Corporate Office in Dodge City and our retail stores in Garden City and Liberal will be staffed to assist customers over the phone. Walk-in traffic will be restricted to appointment-only visits in our retail stores. Please call your local store so our customer service staff can determine if the matter can be resolved over the phone or to make an appointment if a walk-in visit is necessary.

During this time of uncertainty, we know that our customers rely especially on the communications services we provide, and we are committed to continue serving you as we navigate this unprecedented situation. United is in what the Department of Homeland Security deems a “critical infrastructure industry,” and as such, we have a special responsibility to keep our network operational during times of crisis. We are taking these and other steps (including staggering some shifts and having some employees work from home) to ensure the successful operation of our network and so we can respond to any issues that may arise to prevent and resolve any interruptions of service.


For questions and concerns, please call your local store or our main office at 620-227-8127. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to continuing to provide excellent customer service to you during these challenging times. We recommend customers visit www.cdc.gov to stay informed on best practices and updates on COVID-19 as provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

Email Changes

United will be making changes this spring that will affect active ucom.net and unitedwireless.com email subscribers. If you are an active ucom.net or unitedwireless.com email subscriber, please keep an eye on your email in the coming months for more information about this from United.

Please click on “read more…” to see what changes are being made.


The Future of TV

United Streaming TV

United Streaming TV Promotion!
Receive a FREE Amazon HD Fire Stick and double your internet speed for FREE when you switch!

The Future of TV! Get your hands on the latest technology from United Communications. United Streaming TV is a full featured App complete with channel guide and cloud DVR. Watching your favorite shows and movies has never been easier! Want to learn more about this amazing technology? Visit the United Streaming TV website today!

Welcome to the Fiberhood

Incredible speeds. Unrivaled Reliability. Amazing Support.

Fiber-to-the-premise Internet (FTTP) from United Communications gives you the fastest options available for home and business Internet service. Delivered via the most powerful communications technology available, fiber optics, you’ll have the robust services you need to make everything in your life faster, easier and more reliable. Bundle your Internet with TV and phone, and you’ve got the entertainment and communications package your family will love and business will thrive on.

Managed Router Service

Get your own router and figure out issues on your own.
With a United Managed Router all you have to do is call.

For ONLY $7.50/mo you have a direct line to customer service. A United representative can help manage your router and remotely fix your problems in no time! Our managed routers come with Gigabit and Dual Band wireless technology and can help streamline your home or office needs.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is currently only available in the towns of Cimarron, Ashland, and Montezuma at this time. Please call us if you have any questions about this new service 1-800-794-9999. Click the graphic below for more information or Click Here.


TOMS from Brian Dowell on Vimeo.

TV On My Side

FRS Scholarship Program

United Telephone participates in the Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship Program. We encourage United Telephone Customers to click on the FRS.ORG Link for more information and to apply.

Click here for more information and apply.

Stay Connected

United Communications Business Services allows you to stay connected. We install and service various makes and models of phones systems, so let us be your choice for quality, timely, and professional business telephone services.

Click here for more infomation.

Cable Internet

United Communications now has Cable Internet in the cities of Bucklin, Coldwater, Jetmore, and Protection. Call us for details at 1-800-794-9999

Click Here For More Information.


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